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We provide 24/7 online support via online chat and email support. We are happy to help you. Please fill the contact form to get any kind of help related to AdSense account. You can read our FAQ database to know more about our services. You can mail us and chat with whats app +919891046673 and if you will want to know more about Adsense approval and adsense policy or account related Issues through contact form to know more.

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Que. What is Google Adsense
ans. AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image advertisements on their websites.
These works on pay-per-click basis.
Que. Can I make multiple accounts?
Ans. Obviously,Payee name can be same but the address should be different
Que. How much Time i need to wait for Approval ?
Ans. You Dont Need to Wait for Approval,We Have Already Approved Stock of Google Adsnese Accounts.
Que. Do you use tamper method for getting approvals?
Ans. No.
Que. Difference between Hosted and Non-Hosted Account?
Ans. Hosted :- Can be used on Youtube with 68% earning commissions.
Non-Hosted :- Can be used on any Website with 68% earning commissions.
Que. You Work in Google?
Ans. No.
Que. Is there Any Guarantee Of Account?
Ans. We Have Refund Policy for Our Clients If You Are Not Satisfy with Our Service.
Que. How do you get approvals?
Ans. We get approvals with aged domains.
Que. Can you get approval for any countrry?
Ans. Yes, We do get approvals for World wide.
Que. How do you provide Google AdSense Accounts?
Ans. We Have Our Professional Team to Get Genuine Approval of Google Adsense Using White Hat Methods Only.
Que. How Can i Pay For Your Service?
Ans. Firstly We Show You Demo of Approved Account by Using Team Viewer Then You Can Pay Us via Paypal,Western Union,Online Bank Transfer.
Que. Can i apply with the banned payee name and address?
Ans. Obviously, you can apply.
Que. Will my account get banned?
Ans. No, until and unless you break the TOC of google.
Que. Why should I purchase a PIN Verified AdSense Account?
Ans. Its Too Hard to Get PIN Verified Google Adsense Account,You Can Easy Get PIN Verified Adsense Account Form Us.
Que. Can I login multiple accounts from a single PC?
Ans. No, All multiple accounts should be logged in with different IP, Use Private Proxy for more maintaining more than one account.
Que. How about the ebook? Will it really make me to earn some $xxxx?
Ans. Yeah sure, it gives you a step-by-step instructions with screenshot to make some huge income.
Que. Other that this do you recommend any other books?
Ans. The Great AdSense Blueprint to make 100k per Month and you can use this WP theme for best conversions Premium WordPress Theme for Adsense your sites.
Que. How we accept payment ?
Ans. Paypal account and Credit Cards / Visa Cards/ MasterCard / Amex / Discover, Bank transfer, Skrill,payoneer.
Que. When do I get a PIN from Google AdSense ?
Ans. After your Adsense account earns a certain amount of money, Google Adsense will send you a pin on your registered address.
Que. How to Contact us ?
Ans. You can contact us by phone, email and skype.